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Today, Sunday, at 1:15pm on ITV 4, Robert Redford will grace TV screens in Jeremiah Johnson.

The 1972 picture is one of the star’s best-known works of all time, but three years later, he endured filming in one of the most intense movies of his career.

Redford starred in the visceral Three Days of Condor, where he played Joe Condor, a CIA analyst who was fighting against forces of evil.

One brutal scene involved Redford him being attacked by an assassin undercover as a postman.

The postman was played by Hank Garrett, a professional wrestler who recalled accidentally bringing his elbow down on Redford’s nose while the camera was rolling. As a result, there was an almighty “pop” and Redford began leaking blood.

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Garrett said: “We had this fight where there was mineral oil all over the floor. I’m supposed to do this simple sweep over my knee. He slips all over the oil and came at me headfirst. And I came around with my elbow. The next thing you know, I end up hitting him right in the nose with my elbow.” (Via Outsider)

Redford was stunned by the unexpected attack – but his reaction shocked Garrett even more.

Redford yelled: “This is probably the greatest fight scene anywhere. Oh, and by the way, you broke my nose.”

As a result, Garrett started worrying about his career.

Garrett recalled looking at Redford and panicking: “My reaction was: ‘Oh dear God, no.’ There’s blood coming out of his nose. I’m thinking it’s all over for me.”

He then yelled to the rest of the set: “Oh God, I’m never going to work again!”

Thankfully for him, Redford was not bothered whatsoever by the gory mishap.

Redford replied: “Oh don’t worry about it, my nose has been broken so many times, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Shortly thereafter, Redford and Garrett became “pals”. “He’s just an incredible guy to work with and very humble,” Garrett said. “And how do I thank him? By breaking his nose!”

In the 1980s Redford changed up his style and began directing films. With his picture Ordinary People he won four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.


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