Royal Mail shares UK areas it will not deliver to or collect from this weekend

Royal Mail aims to deliver to all addresses it has mail for, six days a week.

However, this is not always possible due to local factors, resourcing issues or high levels of staff sickness absences. Severe weather conditions can also contribute to delays.

The postal service assured customers that weekend delivery and collection services are expected to take place on Saturday July 1. Sunday parcels are also expected on Sunday July 2. 

Royal Mail said: “Most of our Customer Service Points are open both Saturday and Sunday, for you to collect urgent items, for which we’ve left a ‘Something for you’ card.

“Please visit for their opening times.”

The postal service assured customers that deliveries are operating as normal across the UK. However, one UK office – Winterbourne DO (BS36) – has been affected by delays.

When local offices are impacted by delays, Royal Mail rotates deliveries to minimise the delay to individual customers.

It also provides targeted support to those offices to address their challenges and restore our service to the high standard our customers would normally receive.

Royal Mail apologised for any inconvenience caused to customers.

The postal office continued: “We deliver and collect your mail on most days of the year, including Saturdays. However, we don’t usually deliver or collect on public or local holidays.”

Royal Mail noted, however, that local holidays are subject to change.

There are no local holidays this weekend in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. However, there is a Local Holiday in Scotland on July 1. 

Consequently there will be “no collections or deliveries in the TD1 and PA14-PA19 postcode areas”.

As for international deliveries, the postal service explained that following the restoration of Royal Mail International export services, delivery of international items may take slightly longer than usual.

“Customers using International Tracked services may notice different tracking information as items leave the UK.”

Customers who cannot see their tracking information can visit overseas postal tracking at 

Customers sending items requiring a customs declaration (such as goods or gifts) internationally are asked to purchase postage online rather than using stamps or metres. They can do this through shipping solutions or over the counter at Post Office branches. 

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