Savings: TikTok star avoids debt and turns cash-stuffing trick into £685,000 business | Personal Finance | Finance


Within the first month of her business being up and running, Ms Taylor profited almost $9,300 (£7,494.68), with Baddies and Budgets bringing in $247,000 (£199,052.36) in 2021 and $850,000 in 2022.

Ms Taylor said: “I honestly didn’t have any expectations. I just went into it wanting my money back. I had no idea even to this day. Sometimes I wake up and I’m like what is happening.”

Things changed for Ms Taylor in December 2020, after losing her job while she was taking care of her niece.

By the age of 30, she found herself with $60,000 (£48,352.80) worth of student loan debt and around $9,000 (£7,252.92) in credit card and medical debt.

Dealing with bipolar disorder, Ms Taylor realised a lot of her previous impulse spending was tied to her illness.


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