Secret for keeping carrots fresher for longer – how and where to store them explained


It is almost autumn which means most people will be trying out their home comfort recipes such as stews and soups to warm themselves up, but one essential ingredient for most cosy meals is carrots.

Carrots are incredibly adaptable vegetables that can be used in lots of different dinner recipes or can even be munched on as a healthy snack.

However, if stored incorrectly carrots can go limy, discolour or even begin to make your fridge smell, but luckily one chef has explained how to store carrots the correct way.

Pam is a chef and cookbook writer who enjoys sharing her favourite kitchen tips on social media and helping beginner cooks “get hungry and in the kitchen.”

In a TikTok video, Pam explained her ultimate “chef tip” that carrots should never be left in their original packaging from the supermarket, and need to be placed in an airtight container.

Pam said: “Carrots can be delicious but they can also be very finicky! Too much moisture and they will go bad really fast, not enough and they dry out.”

In order to try Pam’s carrot storage tip, all you will need is a ziplock or sandwich bag and some paper towels in order to suck up the moisture.

She explained: “First, take your store-bought carrots, get yourself a ziplock bag. Take the carrots out of its original bag, put them in the ziplock bag

“Grab yourself an old regular paper towel and put it in the bag with the carrots. That will keep them perfect. Zip them up tight and toss them back into the refrigerator.”

For the best results, carrots should be stored in the coolest part of your fridge and should not be washed or peeled until they are about to be used.

In Pam’s video comment section, many people were amazed by her easy storage advice.

One user said: “Wow, I never do this! I will do this now, thank you!” while other commentators thanked Pam for sharing all her cooking tips.

The main culprit that leads to rotten carrots is excess moisture, so try to keep water off them as it can cause mold growth. Storing them in a plastic bag should stop them.

Carrots as well as many other vegetables should also be stored away from fruit such as bananas, apples, and pears as they produce ethylene gas, which will cause your carrots to go bad quickly and taste rotten.”

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