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Selena Gomez is vigorously dispelling the notion her latest song centres on her former flame, HBO’s The Idol star The Weeknd.

In her new track Single Soon, her references to the weekend are all about the days Friday through Sunday, not the Canadian artist.

The song showcases Selena confidently proclaiming her intentions to end a romantic relationship and enjoy her own company on a night out.

There’s been ample chatter suggesting that the man behind the hit Blinding Lights could be the muse for Selena’s latest tune.

However, Selena quickly put those rumours to rest.

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Disney star Selena addressed the swirling rumours of The Weeknd’s influence on her latest song via a post on Instagram.

Responding to a post that fuelled the speculation, she reassured her followers such claims “couldn’t be more false.”

While Selena remains firm Single Soon isn’t a nod to The Weeknd, it’s worth noting this isn’t the first instance of such conjecture.

Selena and The Weeknd initiated a relationship in 2017, which fizzled out within the same year.

Despite nearly six years since their split, some thought the lines in Single Soon were subtle references to the renowned artist.

For example, the phrase “I don’t wanna see a tear” could allude to The Weeknd’s 2020 hit Save Your Tears.

The same track also had fans wondering if he wrote it about Selena.

Irrespective of the tune’s subject, fans have thoroughly enjoyed Selena’s musical comeback through Single Soon.

Accompanying the track, Selena simultaneously released a music video on August 25.

Upon the song’s announcement, Selena disclosed she had penned it some time ago, adding it is an ideal conclusion to the summer season.


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