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Hip-hop legend Fat Joe has teamed up with rising pop artist SHAB to reshape his ‘Lean Back’ cult smash into her sizzling new single VooDoo.

Persian American artist SHAB unveils her latest single, ‘VooDoo’, featuring the Grammy-nominated American rap star.

In this electrifying collaboration, the duo skilfully weave elements from Fat Joe’s classic single, ‘Lean Back’ – ranked one of the greatest hip-hop songs by VH1 — into SHAB’s signature glamorous style, resulting in a track that showcases both artists’ talents. 

Modernised with captivating club beats, the song also beautifully incorporates SHAB’s Persian roots, creating an irresistible fusion of musical influences.

New Yorker Fat Joe, 52, said “Shab is a super talented artist with a bright future. It was dope to collaborate with her on ‘VooDoo’ and I look forward to watching her career elevate to the next level.”

SHAB and Fat Joe – real name Joseph Cartagena – pair the single to a visually stunning music video, packed with supercars, high-end designer clothing, and mesmerising choreography.

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SHAB x Fat Joe in 'VooDoo'

SHAB x Fat Joe in ‘VooDoo’ (Image: YouTube)

SHAB  – born Shabnam Kamoii – is an American singer-songwriter originally from Tehran, Iran. She released her first single Spell On Me (co-written with Damon Sharpe and Eric Sanicola) in 2020. It has since been streamed millions of times.

The dance pop star shines in three distinct scenes, all set in a small American town. Displaying her unmatched glamour, she effortlessly switches between outfits, captivating with her style as well as charisma.

Surrounded by a crowd of backing dancers, adorned in eye-catching pink trousers and a sleek black top, accentuated by a chic waist chain that shows off her impressive ab muscles.

In the next scene, SHAB dazzles in a floating room filled with exquisite gold-plated furniture, as she spreads out across her thrown in a stunning metallic green dress.

The main event, where SHAB and Fat Joe join together. SHAB stuns in a matching blue shorts and top combo, while Fat Joe dons a Prada shirt.

Together, they deliver their verses in front of a backdrop featuring a Lamborghini and a Rolls Royce.

In this interpolation of ‘Lean Back,’ Fat Joe has collaborated with the rising talent that is SHAB, her longtime producers Damon Sharpe (renowned for his work with artists like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue) and Eric Sanicola with arrangements by Duke Richman.

SHAB in a crowd of backing dancers

SHAB surrounded by a crowd of backing dancers (Image: YouTube)

The release of ‘VooDoo’ marks another milestone in SHAB’s impressive musical journey, following a series of successful releases, including hits like ‘Indestructible’ and ‘Dolce Vita’. Fans eagerly anticipate the possibility that these tracks might be included in SHAB’s highly anticipated second album.

Born in Iran during a time of radical transition, SHAB, now 42, fled her home at just eight-years-old to escape what she has labelled “the gangster regime”. Then moved to America by herself at just fourteen. 

Aspiring to live a normal life of freedom, she went on to graduate university and attend law school. Instead, she found success as a global star.

Having already worked with prominent figures in the industry, such as the Martinez Twins, and sharing the stage with artists of incredible stature during her tours, SHAB is no stranger to collaborating with top-level talent, but Fat Joe brings things to a new level.

The Bronx hip-hop heavyweight, Fat Joe has achieved multiple multiplatinum and gold studio albums since his rise to fame in the ‘90s.

SHAB in dress sitting on gold-plated furniture

SHAB wearing a metallic green dress and sitting on gold-plated furniture (Image: YouTube)

A heavyweight in Bronx hip-hop, Fat Joe has achieved multiple multiplatinum and gold studio albums since his rise to fame in the ‘90s, solidifying his position as one of the industry’s true legends. His involvement in ‘VooDoo’ adds an extra layer of prestige to the project, creating a musical masterpiece that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.

Reflecting on the profound impact Fat Joe has had on her musical journey, SHAB shared, “I remember as to how night clubs would come alive whenever the initial beats of ‘Lean Back’ would trumpet from a sound system — and to think that years later I would be working with the legendary Fat Joe is still amazing to me.”

She went on to say how she felt regarding her involvement in the project, “I was thrilled when Joe agreed to take part in this extraordinary project.”

Emerging during the global lockdown, SHAB quickly caught attention worldwide. Her talent and artistry shone through as she secured four consecutive #2 hits on the British Commercial Pop Charts. This year, she continued to build on that momentum with the release of her richly textured track, ‘Sexual’, which immediately claimed the #2 spot on the British Commercial Pop Charts.

With an impressive 20 million YouTube views, 7 million Spotify streams, alongside a top-four position on the Commercial Pop Top 50 Chart, SHAB is undoubtedly on her way to establishing herself as a prominent name in the music industry.

Listen to SHAB and Fat Joe’s track ‘VooDoo’ on all streaming platforms now.


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