Shoppers are ‘thrilled’ with ‘bargain’ dual drawer air fryer that ‘saves time and money’


Air fryers are cheaper to run than ovens, and can help cut energy bills into the winter months.

Many have discovered the benefits of owning an air fryer, which include healthier, quicker and crisper cooking.

Robert Dyas has slashed the price of a popular Daewoo air fryer just in time for households to start preparing for autumn and winter.

The Daewoo Digital Double Dual Drawer Air Fryer has a high rating, and has racked up more than 200 reviews.

For those looking to try out an air fryer without paying full price, the kitchen device has been slashed from £239.99 to £99.99.

Buy: Daewoo Digital Double Dual Drawer Air Fryer (£99.99)

The air fryer has an eight-litre capacity, which is ideal for small families, with the space for at least four portions.

Air fryers are known for being able to cook food quickly and efficiently, and this one has eight pre-set cooking modes including fries and chips, roasting meats, seafood, chicken, baking and cooking pizzas.

One of the most handy features of the device is the dual drawers, allowing two different types of foods to be cooked at the same time, and they can be synced to finish at the same time, taking some of the stress out of cooking separate meals or mains and sides simultaneously.

For larger families, it’s worth keeping in mind that some of the reviews do mention that although the size is described as extra-large, it’s unlikely to be able to serve more than four people.

Shoppers are leaving their feedback on the air fryer, with some saying it ‘performs as well as any of the more expensive brands’.

Anonymous said: ”This is perfect for our family of 5. Each drawer fits plenty and it’s great for doing a family meal. I’m thoroughly enjoying trying out new recipes and thrilled with the quality of cooking and ease of use.”

Twinnanny said: ”My husband is more into this than me, however, still early days but it cooks frozen fish and chips really well. fresh salmon too, we now cook it in foil, still experimenting, I do find it difficult to see how a family of four or more this could work, I’m sure somebody will prove me wrong.”

Trowy237 commented: ”Purchased a double drawer 8 ltr Daewoo Air Fryer which was a bargain price and performs as good as any of the more expensive brands.”

GNMeads also added: ”I find this air fryer easy to use, saves me time and money and of course is better for the environment than a conventional oven.”


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