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Joanna Jane works full-time as a nurse in Colchester, Essex, however, she has been able to make £400 extra each month by working as an independent salesperson in the direct selling sector in her free time.

‌An estimated 500,000 people in the UK work as independent salespeople in the direct selling sector – which includes brands such as Avon, The Body Shop and Usborne Books), new data released by the UK Direct Selling Association (DSA) shows.‌

The majority of these people (64percent) are doing so as a side hustle alongside another job and working less than ten hours per week, mostly in the evening.

‌Ms Jane spoke exclusively with about how she has managed to create a “safety net” for herself amid the cost-of-living crisis by becoming a direct seller.

She has been selling for just over a year and on average makes £400 a month, “but sometimes more”.

The 48-year-old sells Oriflame products – a brand of Swedish nature-inspired beauty, cosmetic and wellness products. She particularly focuses on Oriflame’s make-up and skincare.

She said: “I wanted to make sure that I had a safety net for unexpected costs that could crop up.‌

“It was becoming a concern with rising living costs, and I knew I would struggle if I ever needed spare cash for something.

“The extra income has taken away so much stress. I’m not sure how I would have covered all my bills over the winter period without it.

“Since I joined a year ago, I haven’t had to pick up any overtime shifts at all. I can earn the extra income I need from home, and it is totally in my control how and when I work.

“It’s also taken away the worry of having spare cash to pay for emergencies.

‌“For example, my washing machine broke down and rather than buy a new one on credit, or put it onto a credit card, I was able to buy it outright from my direct selling earnings. It gives me a huge sense of pride and relief.”

The average amount earned through direct selling is £481 per month, with 64 percent of people reporting that they scale their side hustle up or down to suit how much they want to earn each month or to work around other commitments.

The increase in the first quarter of 2023 is being attributed to people needing to offset the rising cost of living and looking for ways to earn additional household income without the need to commute or pay for additional childcare.

Around 38 percent of consultants reported that one of the main drivers for taking up this type of side hustle was to be able to work from home.

When discussing the challenges faced when running a side business, Ms Jane explained there were very few as she enjoyed every minute of working on her own business.

She continued: “It’s something completely different from my full-time job which enables me to create and build something that I am proud of. Because I am in control of the hours, I put into this, it fits in between my work shifts so it is perfect.”

Susannah Schofield OBE, director general of the Direct Selling Association said: “Direct selling is a retail channel that traditionally performs well in challenging economic times – not least because people look for flexible ways to boost household income without incurring additional costs, such as commuting or childcare.

“This, combined with people choosing to treat themselves to lower cost luxuries during times of financial uncertainty – the Lipstick Effect – is expected to drive sales in the sector in 2023.”

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