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One woman is sharing how she made over $13,000 (£10,328.89) in one week thanks to side hustles. Abby is a young woman who shares her weekly income from the various second jobs she has on her TikTok page.

In her most recent video, the content creator broke down how she made $13,309 (£10,574.40) within the space of a week. In the TikTok video, Abby revealed she was able to make all this money in a seven-day period thanks to affiliate marketing.

This is when people are hired to promote goods and services, more often than not on social media.

The two-minute clip included the caption: “Affiliate and digital marketing changed my entire life.”

In the video, Abby explained: “I am going to tell you all how much I made in side hustles last week.

The content creator shared that she would usually “break down” each item she helped promote but instead answered regularly asked questions she receives.

“It seems like we’re breaking records because I made $13,309 (£10,574.40) and that is the biggest week yet.

“Pretty much every single one of these pennies this week was from either affiliate or digital marketing.”

On taxes, Abby added: “The reason you don’t hear me talk about taxes a lot is because this is not something you guys need to worry about at the beginning.

“I have made almost six figures in the past few months and I am just now starting to worry about my taxes.

“If you make over $600 on any app, any affiliate program, you will get sent a 1099 at the end of the tax year.”

This particular tax form is that records any income Americans get from a business or individual who is not their employer.

According to Abby, she does not have to do her own taxes and can afford a CPA accountant to assist in managing her finances.

The TikTokker said: “That’s what you should do if you have all this money and you have all these different income streams.”

Those interested in learning more about Abby’s side hustle success can follow her TikTok page (@sidehustleabby).


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