Skincare: Dermatologist essentials including cleanser to ‘dramatically brighten’


A cosmetic dermatologist from California who looks stunning and youthful has shared her five skincare secrets on TikTok. Content creator Dr. Divya Shokeen has 49.9K followers on her account @drshoskin. She said: “I’m going to teach you five basics of skincare that you always need to know.”

Five steps for beautiful skin

Cleanse twice

“First, double cleansing is going to change your skin,” Dr. Divya said. “You need to cleanse twice if you ever wear sunscreen or makeup on a regular basis.”

Use products in the right order

Dr. Divya said: “Make sure you layer your products in the right order. The first is cleansing. The second is serum. The third is eye creams, if you’re going to use any, then your moisturiser. Always finish off with your sunscreen.”

Know your skin type

“Before you start purchasing any products at all you have to understand do you have oily skin or are you acne prone? Are you looking for anti ageing?” Dr. Divya said. “Understand your skin type first.”

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What is a chemical cleanser?

Chemical cleansers offer additional exfoliation for the skin due to acidic ingredients. Different acids do different things, so make sure you choose a chemical cleanser to tackle your skin concerns.

The most popular skincare acids are hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. So, what do they do?

Hyaluronic acid

This ingredient helps the face retain moisture when applied to the skin. The acid itself can hold a thousand times its weight in water. It can help increase the plumpness of the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Salicylic acid

This acid is antibacterial, meaning it is good for unblocking pores and fighting spots. It can be helpful to fight oily skin and acne.

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Glycolic acid

This acid slugs away dead skin cells, revealing a brighter complexion. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fight acne, and even the skin tone but it must be worn with an SPF as otherwise, it can cause sun damage.

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