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Many people are now choosing to work beyond state pension age, dropping their hours to part-time work to keep busy.

This could be especially useful given the ongoing cost of living crisis, which means Britons are shelling out more in bills and day-to-day costs. 

Mary Demosthenous, 68, is a brand ambassador at Blackjack Promotions, and decided to continue work despite having reached state pension age.

She now spends three days a week working on the shop floor in an airport terminal, telling travellers all they need to know about wine, spirits, whisky and vodka.

Ms Demosthenous told “After the pandemic, I was convinced I’d retire but, as I thought about it, I realised I wasn’t ready.

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“I wanted to go back to work and started to look for part-time opportunities. 

“The senior management team here understood I only wanted part-time hours and welcomed me to start at 11am which was even better!”

As part of her role, Ms Demosthenous doesn’t work the same three days, and gets to switch up her working routine.

This means occasionally working weekends, but she relishes the opportunity, describing it as “fun and varied”.

She added: “There really is no happier place to be than the airport terminal when everyone is excited and happy before they go off on their travels!”

Ms Demosthenous is single, living on her own, and as a result, she explained she feels the state pension isn’t quite enough for her to be comfortable.

She explained: “On average, I top up my state pension with around £1,000 a month from my work and a Brand Ambassador.

“I am very passionate about all the brands and products I work with. I enjoy the environment and I love taking care of and helping passengers. When you find a job that doesn’t feel like work, the money becomes the added bonus!

“Earning some extra income allows me to do nice things with my children and grandchildren and not worry about money. It puts a smile on my face. I can still afford to do nice things, and enjoy semi-retirement with my family.

“As long as I am of good health and able to earn, I will be working with Blackjack Promotions for a few more years. I love my job!”

Ms Demosthenous encouraged others in a similar situation to look into securing a side hustle, or part-time unretirement. 

She urged people to seek out their own “perfect” role through flexible and part-time work to suit their own needs. 

The brand ambassador concluded: “I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would still be working at 68 – my 70th birthday is next year.

“I always imagined I would retire at 60. How wrong I was!”


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