Strangers call me a ‘fat f**king b***h’ but I don’t care – I love my body


A plus-size woman has opened up about the hate she gets online simply for living in her larger body.

The body positivity activist highlighted the shocking hate she receives on the platform from strangers who write her disgusting messages.

In a video posted to her 1M followers the influencer said: “I’ve been getting a lot of hate recently about my body and don’t get me wrong, I love my bikini body but people need to understand that you don’t have to be mean behind a screen.”

Naomi displayed a few of the grammatically-incorrect, abusive messages she is bombarded with on a regular basis. One simply read: “Ew”.

Another unkind commenter wrote: “Go to the Jim u fat f**king b***h.” (sic)

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One wrote: “Another obese, trans women thinking about body positivity. Imagine having all three mental illness.” (sic)

None of these three things, being transgender, obese, or body positive, are mental illnesses.

The brave activist fired back and said: “At the end of the day, I know my body is beautiful and you definitely don’t have to agree.”

Naomi, who encourages everyone to “be kind” on her TikTok account, is happily married to her long-term partner.

Besides her body positivity activism, Naomi also shares uplifting and humorous videos, often featuring her partner, with her huge audience.

A recent video includes a list of everything the social media star ate at the festival Coachella.

She updated fans: “Y’all now I’m a fat girl who likes to eat, and this is everything I ate at Coachella.”

She listed a lobster roll, a poke bowl, chicken tenders, and a hot dog.

Another woman is sharing her body-positive message online, posting images of herself and her unshaven armpits.

Yoga teacher Maria, 42, who lives in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, shaved since she was 12, but she put down the razor after realising she saw no good reason to continue to shave her body hair.

She told the New York Post: “Women are taught that it’s not OK to have body hair. But I’m confident in my choice not to shave if I don’t want to. It’s empowering to stand my ground.”


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