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Film fans will be very familiar with the video game movie curse; the belief that you can’t adapt one for the big screen without failing miserably. This was certainly the case with 1993’s Super Mario Bros, a live-action box office bomb considered to be one of the worst films ever made. Three decades on and Nintendo have taken the gamble again with Illumination, the 3D animation studio behind the multi-billion dollar Despicable Me and Minions movie franchise. Despite a green splat on Rotten Tomatoes with only 56 per cent positive reviews, The Super Mario Bros Movie has had an incredible record-breaking opening weekend.

The Chris Pratt and Jack Black-led Super Mario Bros movie has only been in cinemas for five days and has already made $377 million on its $100 million budget.

This global taking is a new box office record, as the Nintendo-Illumination collaboration now has the biggest opening for an animated movie ever. This surpasses Frozen II’s $358.2 million taking back in 2019.

The video game movie also holds the 23rd-highest opening weekend of all time, just behind Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War, which went on to make $1.1 billion worldwide. Meanwhile, Frozen II took $1.45 billion globally in the end and considering The Super Mario Bros Movie is a fellow animated movie, we wouldn’t be surprised if it ends its run around there. 

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If this was the case, The Super Mario Bros Movie would easily end up in the Top 15 highest-grossing movies of all time. No doubt this means a franchise will spawn with not only sequels to the main run of movies but also spin-offs.

The end credits scene for the film teased the introduction of Yoshi in a follow-up, while the likes of Wario could also play a big role. In fact, Bowser star Black has already called on Pedro Pascal to voice that role. Meanwhile, Seth Rogen has expressed interest in a Donkey Kong movie and Charlie Day is up for Luigi’s Mansion film, so the possibilities are endless.

The Super Mario Bros movie is out now in cinemas.


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