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Take That headlined BST Hyde Park on Saturday, July 1, 2023, and proved why they’re the nation’s favourite pop band.

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald (who recently apologised for liking derogatory tweets) exploded onto the stage with The Flood and barely stopped to breathe throughout their two-hour set.

I could easily rip through all the exceptional songs the band delivered throughout the epic night (Back For Good, Rule the World, These Days, Patience, Said it All, almost every smash hit the trio have delivered over the past 20 years) but the real wonder surrounding a night with Take That was their relentless performance.

This was a Glastonbury Festival-level exhibit from the band.

Gary’s vocals created a beautiful foundation for the band’s pitch-perfect vocals, while Mark’s exceptional falsetto truly seized the thousands of Hyde Park attendees.

Take That gave everything to their fans. Exceptional, industry-leading vocal trills, surprising riffs, a live band that changed up the hits just enough to surprise life-long fans, and sensational choreography from more than 40 dancers that encouraged onlookers to join in.

But it was the jaw-dropping guests that truly elevated Take That’s BST Hyde Park show to something legendary.

The band brought out former Britain’s Got Talent star Calum Scott to perform Greatest Day with them, adding deft energy and power to the band’s artistry with a strong fourth voice.

In fact, Calum’s appearance really emphasised the cracks within Take That’s arrangement. While Mark, Gary and Howard possess extraordinary voices and know how to use them, a fourth injection of personality allows them to erupt and really shine. Calum thickened the experience out and rounded off what was already a near-perfect night.

Calum was then invited to play his signature song (Dancing on My Own, a Robyn cover) which gave viewers goosebumps. The 34-year-old star certainly made a lot more fans that night. We’ll hopefully be seeing him again soon in London.

Perhaps even more exciting was Take That’s final guest, Lulu, who materialised during the band’s “final” (pre-encore) song, Relight My Fire.

Despite being 74-years-old, the 1960s icon absolutely took over the stage with her signature vocal style. Even Gary himself looked on in awe as the Scottish legend laid waste to the grounds.

Take That then finished off with Rule The World which left everyone around me in tears. A true anthem with heart that not only builds upon the generic power ballad but feels like it had something to say. 

Towards the end of Take That’s show, Mark told fans: “This is our first proper show since 2019. Four years!”

Of course this isn’t completely true (they played at the King’s coronation back in May) but even so, this is their first headline show for years.

You certainly wouldn’t know it. The three powerhouses went above and beyond to prove they’re not only still relevant but a musical force to be reckoned with.

When this trio go on tour once again, it’s going to really be a spectacle only worthy of Wembley Stadium.

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