Tesla’s upgraded Model 3 has a new design, rear touchscreen, and range improvements


Tesla has announced an upgraded and redesigned Model 3 in Europe, known previously as the Highland. The new design includes changes to the front and rear, a new screen for rear passengers, a redesigned interior, and improvements to aerodynamics and range.

The most obvious exterior changes can be found at the front of the Model 3. The bump at the front has been removed in favor of a sleeker design with a single central vent. The headlights also look a lot slimmer with an Audi-like look for the LED daytime running lights.

Tesla hasn’t changed much on the sides of the car, but there are some new alloy wheel designs available — with 18- and 19-inch options. At the rear Tesla has swapped up the taillights so they’re not split like the previous model. The bumper has also been redesigned, with the fog lights integrated. There are also two new paint schemes: a red that looks similar to the Model S and a “stealth grey” option. 

All the exterior styling changes also improve the Model 3’s aerodynamics, according to Tesla. This adds up to more than 10 percent of reported range improvements, so that’s 344 miles WLTP for the rear-wheel drive version, and 421 miles WLTP for the long range model.

The ride quality should also be improved with updated suspension tuning and a stiffer body. Tesla is also aiming to reduce the amount of noise inside the Model 3, with acoustic glass extended to the rear windows and back window. 

The interior changes on the Model 3.
Image: Tesla

Even the inside is getting some significant changes. There’s a new dash design with LED lighting, a customizable panel, and changes to the steering wheel so the indicators are now a button rather than on a stalk.

The infotainment system has also been upgraded with a brighter and more responsive screen, the ability to toggle the passenger air system, and improvements to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Tesla has also upgraded the stereo system to 17 speakers over the 14 found on the previous model.

The Model 3 rear screen for passengers is mounted on the back of the center console.
Image: Tesla

If you’ve got kids, friends, or family members that sit in the rear seats then they’ll now get their own screen to play with alongside more comfortable seats. The new 8-inch screen includes access to adjustable climate controls, music, or even entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Plus. 

Deliveries will start in October in select European countries and the Middle East, but Electrek reports that Tesla hasn’t announced availability in North America or the UK yet. The upgraded Model 3 starts at €42,990 for the rear-wheel drive model and €50,990 for the long range version.


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