Top 10 reasons why Brits have less spare time during summer months


Brits are more “time poor” in the summer months, due to countless plans and spontaneous gatherings, a study has found. Research of 2,000 adults revealed 37 percent find themselves with less time to spare – with increased childcare needs (21 percent), and making the most of the good weather (42 percent), among other key reasons.

But despite having less time, the promise of warm weather has 72 percent looking forward to summer mealtime moments.

More than a third (35 percent) named a barbeque as their favourite summer meal, with picnics (16 percent) and outdoor “picky” tea (13 percent) also topping the list.

However, 57 percent said that when hosting, they didn’t have enough time to pick up ingredients or have the right food and drinks to cater for alternative dietary requirements and preferences.

Consequently, nearly half (45 percent) have then had to host the event without all the required food and drink.

And 44 percent have ended up ordering food and drink in, while 43 percent have resorted to asking guests to bring items.

The research was commissioned by Tesco to highlight its Whoosh delivery service, which can now deliver from 20 minutes.

It also emerged 37 percent spend more time with friends and family during the summer compared to the rest of the year, as they find it easier to make plans when the weather’s nice, and get invited to more gatherings.

But while 44 percent of those polled, via OnePoll, have hosted impromptu social gatherings where the weather has turned out better than expected, 41 percent have had summer mealtime moments ruined by unexpected rain.

This left 57 percent cooking indoors, while 27 percent tried to brave the weather and power on. However, 18 percent ditched all food preparation, and opted to order food in to feed their guests.

And 26 percent have hosted a gathering that lasted longer than expected, leaving them making a mid-event dash to pick up extra drinks and nibbles.

The study also found 59 percent are more impulsive in the summer months, with 31 percent frequently making spontaneous plans due to the warmer weather and lighter evenings.

Although 24 percent have found themselves under prepared for things like birthday parties and barbecues – due to leaving themselves little time to prep, more guests turning up than expected, and prioritising other things.

And 34 percent have returned from holiday unprepared, as they realised they’ve got nothing in the fridge – leaving 42 percent forking out for a takeaway.


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