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Ever since Daniel Craig bowed out as 007 in spectacular fashion (and a thousand little pieces) the hunt has been on for his successor.

Current names being considered include Aaron Taylor-Johnson, James Norton and fast-rising favourite Paapa Essiedu.

But none of these have the favour of the Great British public.

In a new nationwide poll, the three favourites pulled in over 50% of the entire votes between them.

Yet, shockingly, none of them is actually ‘eligible’ to take over the most coveted role in Hollywood.

William Hill Vegas conducted a wide-ranging survey about all thing Bond starting with the nation’s favourite 007. Sean Connery maintains his hold on the role with 39.7% of the vote.

His fellow classic era star Roger Moore slipped into third with 14.7%, thoroughly rousted by Daniel Craig who pulled in an impressive 29.1%.

Craig triumphed with the most popular Bond film, though. Skyfall pulled in 17.5% of the votes, way ahead of Connery’s second place Goldfinger on 8.7%.

But ever since Craig first talked of leaving the role in 2015, one British star has remained the public’s overwhelming favourite to slip into that iconic tuxedo and Aston Martin.

It looks like the British public are set to have their hopes dashed, though. They continue to choose Idris Elba as their top pick to take over from Craig. This time he pulled in 17.5% of the vote.

His fellow long-term frontrunner Tom Hardy is just behind on 16.6%, narrowly ahead of Henry Cavill on 16.5%.

Only McMafia and Happy Valley James Norton from the current contender was anywhere close to them on 10.1%.

However, the top three may find their chances of serving in His Majesty’s Secret Service have already slipped away, following reports of what the Boind producers are looking for.

The Luther star will turn 51 next month and there is no sign of a script or any preproduction so far, with the current Holywood writers’ strike only delaying things even further.

It has been widely reported that Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother Michael G Wilson are looking for actors under 40 for the role.

As well as rumours they might reboot the franchise in a new direction with a considerably younger Bond, whatever actor signs on must be able to play the role for an expected ten years. Craig’s tenure alone spanned 15 years.

This not only knocks Elba out of contention, it also sinks the hopes of 45-year-old Tom Hardy, while recent front-runner Cavill turned 40 in May this year. Even Norton turned 38 last month.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been the recent bookies’ favourite. He’s still only 33, however, William Hill Vegas’ poll showed he only received 2.7% of the votes.

With no end in sight to the Hollywood strikes, it looks like there’s still everything to play for.


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