William and Kate ‘move as one’ and are ‘very much in love,’ expert claims

The Earthshot Prize is one of Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales’ flagship charitable initiatives, and this year expectations were high as the awards were hosted outside of the UK for the first time. Kate and William visited Boston in Massachusetts, and their strong feelings for one another were on full display.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, body language expert Darren Stanton highlighted the differences between Kate and William’s behaviour on their latest trip to Boston compared to their first US tour together more than 11 years ago.

Now William has had Kate by his side as his wife for more than a decade, it appears he has settled into his role as one half of a very popular royal duo.

Darren said: “William used a number of self-reassurance gestures during their previous visit, including placing the flat of his hand inside his jacket and playing with imaginary cufflinks.

“He came across as very nervous and timid, particularly as he had his new wife by his side. However, that couldn’t be more different now.

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A key difference in Kate and William’s behaviour in the US in 2022 compared to 2011 is their confidence in displaying their love to the world, the expert claimed.

The Prince and Princess often appeared awkward showing any public displays of affection when they were starting out as working royals, but now the couple isn’t averse to the world knowing how they feel about each other.

Darren said: “When comparing video footage and photographs between 2011 and 2022, Kate and William were clearly very much in love in the early days of the relationship.

“However, it appeared they were torn between royal protocols and what was appropriate behaviour for them in public.

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“It was very rare to have seen the Queen and Prince Philip or any other members of the senior family show public displays of affection.

“Since their first outings as a couple, Kate and William have pretty much broken the mould on that and often show public displays of affection.”

Kate will often be pictured putting a loving hand on the small of William’s back when they are out and about, while royal fans may have spotted William smiling at his wife when she speaks to other people.

Darren highlighted that some of Kate and William’s “romantic gestures” include “holding hands, kissing and little smiles between each other”.

He explained: ”This again is all linked to the couple’s level of confidence on their ascension to the very highest level within the Royal Family. It’s clear that William and Kate have very much found their place within the monarchy.

“They come across as extremely genuine, open and honest. The one thing that is clear now is that they are not afraid to show the world that they are a strong couple, who are very much in love.”

Kate and William’s loving moments in Boston came amid what was likely a stressful time for the couple following the release of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s bombshell Netflix documentary trailer.

Despite the threat of more damning allegations against the Royal Family being levelled by the Sussexes, Kate and William looked cool and collected throughout the duration of their US trip.

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