Woman barred from sister’s wedding after slating her baby names

An anonymous woman shared on Reddit that her invitation to her sister’s wedding was withdrawn after she let it slip that she thought her sister’s unborn twins’ names were “ridiculous”. 

The aunt-to-be couldn’t believe it when her intellectual sister decided to name her twin sons after two Ivy League universities.

The sister [Katie], a former Yale School attendee, will soon marry neurosurgeon [Daniel], who graduated from Stanford medical school.

The horrified Reddit user said: “Katie and Daniel recently posted that Katie is pregnant with twin boys, and their names would be Stanford and Yale.”

With Simon Cowell-like sincerity, the woman privately texted her sister frankly that the names were “ridiculous”.

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“I commented ‘Congratulations’ but later I texted her to say that it wasn’t right to give the boys ridiculous names that would put them under immense pressure to succeed from a very young age,” she wrote.

“I also asked her about what would happen if one or both of them weren’t as successful/perfect as she hoped.”

However, this honest feedback was not well-received by the woman’s sister, who responded saying her sister’s comments were unwarranted.

Her alleged response bitterly claimed: “I wasn’t asking for opinions, especially from someone like you.

“Consider yourself uninvited from our wedding until you sincerely apologize.”

The anonymous woman continued: “To be honest I was already leaning towards not attending due to Katie’s condensing attitude towards me.”

A Reddit commenter offered some sympathy in a post: “Parents should be steered away from giving their children highly bully-able names.”

Another replied: “I would have a HARD time forgiving my parents if they named [me] Stanford or Yale omg.”

“It’s kinda clear the babies are named […] to reflect their [parent’s] success and that’s just kinda sick,” wrote a third person.

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