Woman breastfeeding her eight-year-old daughter says she likes it ‘so why should I stop?’

On the social media platform and parenting forum Quora, a woman asked other users if they had ever breastfed their children past the age of “six or seven”. Surprisingly, many mothers said they had and shared their unusual parenting experiences.

A woman, under the username @alice80, explained that her youngest daughter is eight and “I still nurse her sometimes”.

She said: “I like it, so why should I stop? I think it’s good for them and that is why I will feed my daughter until she wants.”

Other women shared similar opinions with one explaining that she breastfed her children past the age of 10 years old.

Mother of one Sarah O’Donnell said that she is currently breastfeeding her 10-year-old son and “I’m hoping we get to 12 years old”.

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Other forum users didn’t think that was “normal” and Lori Bow explained that she once witnessed a woman breastfeeding a child so old it “made her sick”.

“I was riding Amtrak, which I’ll never do again, and a mother breastfed her son the entire trip of 600 miles. He was big enough that he would barely fit in her lap”.

Another woman, Jaden Black, explained that she was “that 10-year-old breastfeeding” when she was a kid.

“I breastfed until I was 12 years old and there were quite a few times people walked in on me laying in my mum’s lap having a feed,” she said.


Mom of four Sharon Spink recently shared her unusual parenting story and explained that she still breastfeeds her daughter Charlotte who is nine years old.

“When I came to have Charlotte, I had decided on natural-term weaning. It’s nice for the child to be in control of when they want to wean, rather than forcing the issue.”

Sharon continued: “She naturally self-weaned earlier this year. It was a gradual process and her choice.

“She was feeding about once a month if she wasn’t feeling great or was feeling a bit run down and was going longer and longer without feeding.

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“Now she hasn’t done it for about two months. She told me she would stop when she was 10 which will be in April next year but it seems to have come to a natural end earlier, although I would have allowed her to continue for as long as she wants to,” she told The Sun.

Most health organisations recommend nursing babies for a minimum of 12 months. After that, mothers can continue breastfeeding as long as they and their children want.

The World Health Organization, for instance, advises women to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months, and then continue to breastfeed for “up to two years and beyond”.

The NHS said that “all mothers and babies are different” but exclusive breastfeeding “is recommended for around the first six months of your baby’s life”.

From six months old, breastfeeding alongside solid foods is recommended for babies, the health site stated.

It added: “You and your baby can carry on enjoying the benefits of breastfeeding for as long as you like. Breastfeeding into your baby’s second year or beyond, alongside other foods, is ideal.”

Breastfeeding has lots of health benefits for the baby, including fewer infections and a lower risk of obesity, the NHS explained. 

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