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Tara Rule, 41, took a big decision when she turned down an opportunity to become a vice president at a company within the tech industry.

She climbed the corporate ladder for 18 years working for big names including Adobe and Virgin Media and she did like the look of the top job.

But she realised her true passion was in coaching and helping other businesses be positive and make progress.

The entrepreneur is known as the Busy2Balanced Positive Psychology Coach and she shares her experiences and skills to help others thrive in their professional lives.

She took up the side hustle as a full-time project last year and has been consistently earning £10,000 a month since January.

She decided she wanted to run her own coaching business two years before she left her corporate career.

She said: “I know that my biggest fear was never trying coaching because I was too scared of failing.

“So I invested in myself and joined a coaching program to help me gain the inner confidence I knew I lacked.

“Because I still loved my corporate job (but had found something I loved even more which was coaching) I started building my brand, reputation and community on social media while I was still employed.

“And spent my weekends and evenings setting up the logistics of the business too, so that by the time I left my corporate job, I was already a successful entrepreneur with a flourishing business.”

She also spent this time working to understand where she is most talented, in being positive and engaging with people to simplify how they do things.

She said the added pressures of the rising cost of living have made many potential clients apprehensive about their potential with some worried they “may crumble any moment”.

But the entrepreneur had a robust plan to grow her business and she said she has great self belief in her abilities to help many people succeed.

Asked what tips she has for other aspiring entrepreneurs, she said: “Figure out what you’re good at and love doing. That’s the real sweet spot of happiness.

“Don’t take advice from others who haven’t tried it themselves. So often people are meaning the best by giving advice, but in reality they’re not an expert and don’t know the answers or the future.”

She also encouraged people to invest in themselves, as she has benefited herself from having a coach to provide guidance.

She added: “Have a vision and talk to your cheerleaders about it. Find those people who believe in your dream as much as you do and tell them all about it.”

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