Woman posts terrifying TikTok video of date with controlling man

The video was shared by content creator Talisa. In it, she claims to secretly film a date with a man who insists on ordering for her and tells her to not “embarrass” him when she asked to pay her portion of the bill.

The video has had a huge 755K likes on TikTok and 60K likes on the app. Talisa captioned the video: “Dating a ‘nice guy’. He controlled everything and made me feel awkward.”

In the conversation, the man encourages her to order a lower-calorie drink and insists on them ordering the main meal. He orders for both of them, without giving her a chance to tell the waitress her choice.

Initially Talisa thanks the anonymous man for taking her to the restaurant, and he tells her she is welcome. She then mentions ordering the scallops. However, the man says: “Let me order for you. I’ll surprise you. I know what you want.”

Talisa says she hates surprises but admits the man knows the menu better than she does. She asks: “So what are you getting?” He responds: “I’m getting the rib eye with the mash potatoes.”

She asks: “So what are you going to order for me then?” He responds: “The rib eye with the mash potatoes.”

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During the date, Talisa heads to the toilet and films herself speaking to the camera. She said: “Oh my God, I can’t even f****** talk okay. I can’t even order. He thinks he’s being so nice.”

Later Talsia asks to take care of her portion of the bill. He says he does mind, to which Talisa responds: “No, no. I’ve had an experience like this in the past and I do not want to repeat.”

The man responds: “Well, that’s not me. You will not embarrass me. It is very much an embarrassment.”

Later the man refuses to let Talisa run ahead into the car despite the fact it’s raining, insisting: “A gentleman has to get the door.”

TikTok users condemned the behaviour of the man in the video. Corynne Schimmel wrote: “Anddd I would have gotten up the second he brought up the calories with the wine. Hard no. Holy controlling and narcissism.”

Hetty wrote: “You lasted longer than I would have…I’d left at ‘I am going to order for you.'”

One called for the woman to expose the identity of the man. They wrote: “I think a face reveal would save a lot of women…when he said ‘you will NOT embarrass me’, that gave me the chills, along with everything else he said.”

However, when the video was posted on Twitter a number of users refused to believe that the date was real.

The video was reposted by a user known as @Imposter_Edits who wrote: “This is absolutely terrifying for this woman. Part of me wants to think is so bad it must be a fake date just for the views, but I would not bet on it.”

Voice actor Christian Lanz wrote: “Yeeaaah I’m 100% certain this is staged. All of the dialogue sounds like scripted line reads.”

Another said: “So fake.” But some Twitter users hit back at this assertion.

One wrote: “The mere fact that people think this is fake tells me there is a huge disconnect with the reality of what the dating market looks like. There are men who actually behave like this, I’ve unfortunately encountered them before.”

Clause Rivest said: “Whether it’s staged or not seems irrelevant. Because we all know this actually exists and it’s f****** creepy X 1000.”

One named Louise wrote: “I know many will think this is staged and maybe it is but I’ve experienced this behavior from a couple of guys (one date and one I worked with who had wanted to date me)…maybe not all those red flags at once but pretty close.”

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