Xbox clips will soon automatically upload to OneDrive cloud storage


Microsoft is working on a feature that will allow Xbox owners to automatically upload their screenshots and clips to OneDrive. Xbox Insiders in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings can now test this new feature, which also allows you to upload your existing clip and screenshot collection to OneDrive.

A new wizard will help Xbox owners walk through the process of syncing clips to OneDrive, including the option to upload existing ones. You don’t have to upload your entire existing collection, and you can choose the ones you want individually. Microsoft does warn that if you have a lot of clips, then the upload process could take a couple of days as it runs in the background.

Switching on automatic uploads for future clips and screenshots means these will become available in the videos folder on OneDrive for videos and the pictures folder for screenshots. Clips and screenshots will then be easily accessible on OneDrive on the web, PC, Mac, or through the OneDrive mobile app.

Microsoft hasn’t improved the Xbox clip process here, though. Video clips still take a long time to upload, even if you have a fast connection. During the testing period, 4K clips are not being automatically uploaded to OneDrive just yet, but Microsoft says this will be enabled in the future.

Microsoft typically tests Xbox features a few months before they’re available generally, so expect to see this new OneDrive upload feature in the coming months.


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