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Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall have been married for a little over a decade and share three children together, Mia, Lena and Lucas Tindall.

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about their love for public displays of affection, suggesting that they flirt more than any other royal couple.

She said: “With some royals you have to wait months to spot a set of subtle flirt signals and even then it might be a glance or a truncated, intentional gesture, but with Zara and Mike the flirting and PDAs are almost constant.

“The sexiest couple in the Royal Family appear to be as much in love and lust as they were when they first married and flirt signals always seem to be part of their natural repertoire.”

After 13 years of marriage, both husband and wife are still equally enamoured: “The signals are reciprocal, too, with no clues that one is keener or more smitten than the other.”

Judi continued: “There are even hints that they might also be becoming a bit of a couples goal in the Firm, as other couples like Kate and William beginning to mimic their flirty body language.”

But while their PDA’s and flirting are “almost constant”, one gesture in particular stands out to the expert, and it seems to have made an impression within the Royal Family – particularly with a certain couple.

Judi claimed: “The clearest example of a Tindall ritual that William and Kate are now copying, and a gleaming example of Zara and Mike’s flirt rituals came with this kiss and bum grab in 2018 (Aug 5 Festival of British Eventing in Stroud).

“The bum touch is now a gesture that Kate and William seem to have adopted as a cheeky PDA and Zara and Mike could have been their role models.

The expert suggested that the ritual combines lots of romantic elements. She said: “It’s not just about the bum, though. What makes this particular ritual so powerful is that the flirting comes in four stages.

“First there is some exchange of words as the couple hold hands. This lets us know that the flirting is verbal as well as just tactile.

“Then there is the request for a kiss. Zara tilts her head back and Mike places an arm around her shoulders and uses some romantic eye contact as their heads get close, showing romantic love as well as sexual attraction.

“Their kiss prompts Zara to put her right hand out to grab her husband’s bum, making the flirting naughty, sexy and romantic all at once.

“But then there is the reciprocal response from Mike. His hand grabs his wife’s bum too, signalling to them and to the world that the attraction is totally mutual.”

Kate was spotted gently tapping William’s bum when the pair attended The EE BAFTA Film Awards in February 2023.


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