Amazon’s affordable ‘soft and warm’ Oodie blanket dupe is now under £14

While temperatures are dropping, energy bills are increasing, but there are small investments that can make a difference and help with warmth and cosiness for the colder months, like Amazon’s affordable blanket.

The wearable blanket comes in six colours, and the adjustable cuffs allow the piece to be fitted perfectly on the arms, making it easier to move around.

Unlike the Oodie version, Amazon’s blanket is full-length, meaning those who purchase it can enjoy head to toe warmth.

The blanket would make an ideal, universal gift that anyone is likely to enjoy and get use out of, year after year.
Shoppers who purchase two of the wearable blankets can also get an extra 10 percent off, but the discounts could end soon, and the popularity of the cosy Amazon buy could mean that these could sell out at any time.

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