Brian May urges fans to listen to ‘greatest’ Jeff Beck guitar solo | Music | Entertainment

Brian remembered: “Yeah, he came from my area, so he was like a local boy. I saw him play so many times, always with my jaw on the ground thinking, ‘How does he does that?’ I often think it must have been like being around Mozart and seeing an incredible genius at work and wondering where he could possibly come from. How could he be that great? And if you were with Jeff, if you were around his house, he’d come out of his garage having been under one of his cars for the last few hours, his fingers all covered in grease and muck and looking like he’d just crawled out of a ditch from somewhere. And then he’d pick up a guitar and this beautiful, beautiful sensitive music would come out.

“I think I was very shy, I didn’t know how to talk to him. I couldn’t quite follow him. He wasn’t an easy person for me maybe because I was in so much awe of him. But I was never at ease. And I wrote a song about him called The Guv’nor for one of my solo albums and he came over to my place here in the studio and played with me. We had a laugh and he played some incredible stuff and again my jaw dropped. I couldn’t really pick up a guitar when he was in the room, because he was so incredible. I just wanted to watch and listen. So he played on the track and was like, ‘Yeah whatever’. I don’t think I could ever put into words exactly how much I did revere him. I hope I gave him the picture, but I don’t know if he knew. But I feel like I wasn’t a good enough friend to him and that’s one of those things that happens I suppose. Particularly in this case, I feel there were so many times when I could have rung him up and I wish I had, to be a proper friend.”

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