Cold Weather Payments triggered by wintry spells – are you eligible for £25 payment? | Personal Finance | Finance

The £25 payment will be paid to people in more than 300 areas of the UK as the frosty weather has arrived. The money is paid out when temperatures in an area are, or are forecasted to be, below zero for seven consecutive days, between November 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

People on get Income Support or income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance usually get the support as well. But this only applies if they have any of the following:

  • A disability or pensioner premium
  • A child who is disabled
  • Child Tax Credit that includes a disability or severe disability element
  • A child under five living with them.

There is no need to apply as the payment is made automatically. However, anyone with the above benefits whose home situation has changed, making them eligible, such as having a baby, should notify Jobcentre Plus to make sure they get the payment.


He said: “The Cold Weather Payment scheme offers targeted support to the most vulnerable in the coldest periods of winter which is brilliant.

“But more needs to be done to keep Britons warm. Britain has the oldest housing stock in Europe and that is something to be proud of, but it does mean our houses are leaky.

“Even when temperatures are above zero, houses can be unpleasantly cold and hard to heat.

“Whilst support like the Cold Weather Payment scheme can help in the short term, it acts as a mere sticking plaster over a wider issue.”

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