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Adonis Creed fans are ecstatic that Creed 3 hits cinemas today – but it is a bittersweet movie. This is the first time Rocky Balboa has not been a part of the storyline. Sylvester Stallone played the underdog in six films across 30 years before stepping into the Creed franchise twice. Although Stallone’s absence in Creed 3 has been a mystery thus far, Adonis Creed star Michael B Jordan has now opened up on what’s going down behind the scenes.

Jordan explained: “I want Adonis to stand on his own two feet. In order to do that, we had to go into the past.” Creed 3 focuses on Adonis reuniting with his childhood friend, Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors) who has a bone to pick with him after decades away. The two characters considered one another “brothers” and some bad blood has now spurred on a brutal boxing match.

“What were those transformative years,” Jordan mused. “Those childhood traumas that shaped [Adonis] today? I think the room for this story was really about Adonis Creed moving forward with his family, and having him move forward. That’s kind of how we rolled out the story for this one.”

He went on to add that Stallone’s presence will always be ingrained in the Creed series – even if he isn’t on screen.

“Sly and Rocky’s DNA is through this entire franchise,” Jordan told podcast HOT97. “You can’t have these movies [without that]. That underdog spirit, I think, connects the underdog in all of us. I think what we love about these movies so much is that we see somebody that’s going through hardships, that’s able to rise from the ashes and reach the mountaintop, and we connect with that.”

Jordan, who is making his directorial debut with Creed 3, noted he wanted the movie to “stand on Adonis’ shoulders” rather than leaning on Rocky. “For us,” he continued. “We connect with characters that can do the same, and that’s what we want to do with Adonis Creed.”

While Jordan’s politicised answer gave a brief insight into Stallone’s absence, the actor himself previously called out the Creed bosses for being “vampires”.

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Stallone posted a painting of Rocky being attacked by a vampire alongside a rant on Instagram last year. He said: “A very flattering portrait of the great Rocky/Creed producer, Irwin Winkler, from one of the country’s greatest. After Irwin controlling Rocky for over 47 years, and now Creed, I really would like to have at least a little [of] WHAT’S LEFT of my rights back, before passing it on to ONLY YOUR CHILDREN – I believe that would be a fair gesture from this 93-year-old gentleman?” (sic)

He added: “This is a painful subject That eats at my soul, because I wanted to leave something of Rocky for my children, but it’s always great hearing from the loyal fans… Keep Punching.”

Shortly thereafter, Stallone was interviewed by Variety, whom he told: “I have zero ownership of Rocky. It was shocking that it never came to be, but I was told: ‘Hey, you got paid, so what are you complaining about?’ I was furious.”

Stallone later wrote yet another Instagram post taking aim at the Creed producer Irwin Winkler. This time around, he was angry at the news of an upcoming Drago spin-off.

Stallone wrote: “After IRWIN WINKLER And FAMILY SUCK ROCKY DRY! Presumed to be the most hated , untalented, decrepited, Producer in Hollywood and his cowardly children have found their next meal… Drago ? Throughout history so many artists in every industry ,recording , painting writing , you name it have been destroyed by these blood suckers who have destroyed so many families, lining their pockets with other people work.. #parasite producers #exploited artists victims.” (sic)

The 76-year-old followed up his Instagram tirade with another post, writing: “It’s been my ultimate privilege to have been able to create and play this meaningful character. Though it breaks my heart, sadly all things must pass… and end.”

He added: “I love you kind and generous people, and the most wonderful thing of all is that ROCKY will never die because he lives on in you.”

Creed 3 is in cinemas now.


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