Doris Day and son Terry Melcher had shocking connection to Manson murders | Films | Entertainment

Manson (and his brainwashed followers) believed a series of violent murders, which he would pin on Black activists, would precipitate a major race war that would leave the city in ruins.

He would then be able to build a new ideal society from the ashes with himself, of course, as its leader.

Furious and potentially embarrassed by Terry’s lack of interest in helping his record career, Manson had the perfect target and told his followers that the producer had betrayed him and deserved to die.

On August 8, he sent some of his most devoted and fervid followers – Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Charles (“Tex”) Watson – to that same address at 10050 Cielo Drive, to kill the residents as brutally and attention-grabbingly as possible.

The three of them did not know or care who lived there, nor did they balk at brutally killing the eight-moths pregnant Tate.

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