Elton John’s Glastonbury 2023 setlist is ‘like having sex’ | Music | Entertainment

Elton John is just a couple of days away from making history this weekend.

On Sunday, he’ll make his debut at Glastonbury Festival by headlining the Pyramid Stage.

This will simultaneously be his final-ever UK show as he goes into retirement.

And he’s going out with a bang. Elton recently told BBC Radio 1 that he has rebuilt his setlist from the ground up.

“It’s a different show to what people have been seeing,” Sir Elton said. “On Farewell Yellow Brick Road, there’s quite a lot of deep cuts, it’s not all hits, and you’ve got to keep people interested.”

Elton went on to describe his new setlist as the act of making love.

“When you put a setlist together,” he mused. “I always say it’s a bit like having sex. You start off really well, then you chill out a little bit.”

“Then towards the end of the show all hell breaks loose,” he added.

Elton also gave some hints as to what he’ll be playing at his Glastonbury 2023 set.

“I’m starting with a song I haven’t played for about ten years,” he revealed. “So we’ll see how it goes.”

The 76-year-old noted how he has the setlist “down”. “I’ve got rehearsal dates booked for the guest artists,” he teased. “So we just have to hope the weather will still be nice.”

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