Elvis’ private late night chat about Lisa Marie with his cousin | Music | Entertainment

Danny continued: “Where our bedroom was you had to walk through the living room to get to the kitchen. I woke up, of course, half asleep and I’m stumbling and I’m starving as I always was then. I’m walking out of the bedroom [into] the little hallway and start walking through the living room and get halfway [and] the TV’s going, which just didn’t hit me. Like I said I was [basically] asleep. But then out of the side view it hit me and I’m like, ‘Oh s*** it’s Elvis!’”

“I’m just trying to ease along and he says, ‘Hey’. I said, ‘Hey’ and he had a box of pizza orders and he said, ‘Come over, sit down a minute.’ So I went and sat on the couch and I never will forget, the Flintstones were playing…on the TV kinda low.”

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