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While the energy price cap is expected to marginally fall in October, an expert has shared “simple” ways Britons can knock “hundreds” of pounds more off their energy bill this winter.

Cornwall Insight has confirmed its final Ofgem price cap prediction to drop from the current £2,074 a year for an average household to £1,926 in two months’ time.

This will come as welcome relief for many, but the fact remains that prices are still unfathomably high, leaving many still searching for ways to cut costs.

Les Roberts, an expert at comparison site Bionic said: “As we prepare for autumn, many households and businesses across the country will be aiming to cut down on energy bills. These simple hacks [can] slash hundreds off.”

Adjust thermostat by 1C

Describing this tip as “the simplest way” to save on energy bills, Mr Roberts said reducing the thermostat down by a single degree can save well over £100.

Mr Roberts said: “Doing so can actually cut around 10 percent off your energy bills, which can estimate for an average UK house, a saving of £145 every year.”

Reduce boiler flow temperature

According to experts at Bionic, around 80 percent of UK homes use a combi boiler, and the default boiler flow temperature is normally set to 70 degrees.

Mr Roberts said: “Reducing it to 55 to 60 degrees can save around six percent on your energy usage. Your boiler will work more efficiently and you won’t even notice the difference.”

Wash clothes at a lower temperature

While washing clothes at 40C is commonplace for many, Mr Roberts suggests lowering the dials when possible to make even more savings.

Mr Roberts said: “The lower the temperature, the more energy you’ll save – but you may want to continue washing bedding and towels at a higher temperature.”

Defrost the fridge freezer

Fridge freezers are one of the biggest energy users in the home, mainly due to the fact they are running 24 hours a day. Making this energy-guzzling appliance more efficient is another easy way to help “lower” the bills, Mr Roberts has claimed.

He said: “Taking time to regularly defrost the fridge freezer can help keep the build-up of ice under control and means everything can work more efficiently, using less energy and lowering your bills.”

Turn on eco mode

Mr Roberts also urged Britons not to ignore the “eco” button on devices, as this can

Mr Roberts said: “Lots of household appliances have eco modes which are designed to use less energy. They sometimes run at different speeds or use lower temperatures, helping you see savings over time compared to standard usage.”

Pick the right hob for a pot

Choosing the ring on the hob that’s closest in size to the saucepan in use means less heat is wasted and more money saved, according to Mr Roberts. He said by doing this: “You will need to use less energy, and always will need to spend less time cooking your food.”


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