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Switch off the TV

The running cost for a TV greatly depends on the size and model, but it will have an energy efficiency label which states the kWh. To find the running cost per hour, people can multiply the kWh by the cost of energy per kWh.

Energy regulator Ofcom found that in 2021, Britons spent an average of five hours watching TV per day or 35 hours weekly, so if a TV were to run on 60 watts, this can be divided by 1000 to calculate the kWh.

Mr Roberts said: “The 0.06 kWh can then be multiplied by your energy cost per kWh to find the cost over an hour. 0.06 x 34 is £2.04. This would rack up to £71 if the TV was used for 35 hours in a week.”

For those not willing to reduce television consumption, a fair sum can still be saved simply by switching the device off at the wall.

Mr Roberts said: “Leaving your TV on standby means it is still using as much as 75 percent of the energy. Switching off appliances from the wall could save your household up to £40 over a year.”

Be mindful of the heating

As temperatures plummet, more will be ramping up the heating to keep warm, but there are a few tips Britons should remember to keep costs low over the colder winter months.

Mr Roberts said: “It is much cheaper to use your central heating system than portable heaters. Using a portable heater could add £10 to your weekly electricity cost.”

However, he notes to ensure the most efficient use of central heating, people should shop around for the most cost-efficient and reliable boiler to “drive down running and maintenance costs.”

He also suggested: “Turning down your thermostat by just 1C could save you 10 percent on your energy bill while installing a heat pump could slash bills by 30 percent.”

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