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Harrison Ford is best known for playing the quippy Han Solo in the Star Wars series as well as the titular hero in the Indiana Jones franchise – but the American star is changing things up. He’s about to star in Shrinking, Apple TV+’s new show. In it, he plays a therapist alongside Jason Segel – but he wasn’t sure who the actor was at first.

Segel is best known for playing Marshall in the legendary TV show How I Met Your Mother, and has also starred in some major comedy pictures. On top of leading Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he had a leading role in I Love You, Man opposite Ant-Man star Paul Rudd.

Segel and Shrinking’s co-creator Bill Lawrence recalled how Ford first learned about his colleagues on the show while chatting on a recent panel.

After realising he didn’t know who American funnyman Segel was, Lawrence gifted Ford a few films starring the actor, including the aforementioned Forgetting Sarah Marshall. However, he may have failed to remember that the movie includes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene where Segel bares his body in a full-frontal moment.

Segel then received a text from Ford praising him for his work – and his physique.

Segel said: “I’m really lucky that I don’t have a real sense of shame.”

Fellow Shrinking star Christa Miller also revealed that Ford gifted her tequila every day after shooting had come to an end.

Lawrence added that Ford was extremely friendly, as well, noting that they would even do reshoots for the TV show in his backyard at his home.

Ford has been known to have fun with his colleagues and his producers throughout the years.

Ford famously recalled the moment he was asked to return to the Star Wars series for The Force Awakens.

He said his first response was: “How much?”

He also became great friends with Ryan Gosling on Blade runner 2049. Even though one instance involved him accidentally punching the star in the face during a fight scene.



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