Hyperkin’s Xbox 360 controller reissue now has a price and release date

Good news for nostalgic millennial gamers: Hyperkin’s remake of the Xbox 360 controller is inching closer to release. The Xenon controller was first announced by Hyperkin back in November, but not much solid info was given outside of some renders and the basic knowledge that this reissue will be a USB-C wired-only reprisal for Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Now, Hyperkin says the Xenon controller is set for release on June 6th, with preorders on its store beginning May 5th. If you have enough love for the old Xbox 360 controller that you want to own a reissue, which eschews wireless connectivity and the classic green LED-surrounded guide buton, the new version will cost $49.99 in white, black, red, or pink.

As someone who spent some time testing Hyperkin’s Duke, I can tell you it’s a fun collectible that pays a loving homage. A logical controller to use today, though? No, not so much.
Photo by Antonio G. Di Benedetto / The Verge

Compared to Hyperkin’s Duke, a reissue of the giant controller from the original Xbox which costs $90 when not on a steep discount, the Xenon is much more affordable. And I’d wager it’s a much more usable controller for current games, as the Xbox 360 controller became the mold for most modern gamepads used today. Unlike a Duke, the Xenon shouldn’t put the user at a disadvantage with awkwardly slapped-on bumper buttons. All the buttons we normally use today were present on the Xbox 360 generation, and the Xenon will also have View and Share buttons as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack, like the current standard Xbox controller.

Are your glasses rose-tinted enough to make you want a new version of the controller from Microsoft’s nearly 18 year-old Xbox? (Yes, people, the Xbox 360 can nearly vote. We old).

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