Intel’s 14th Gen processors leak out thanks to MSI


Intel is getting ready to launch its 14th Gen desktop processors later this year and now MSI has accidentally spilled all the details. VideoCardz spotted a training video on MSI’s YouTube channel that includes important details on Intel’s unannounced 14th Gen processors, codenamed Raptor Lake-S Refresh. MSI says on average Intel’s 14th Gen processors will be three percent faster than the 13th Gen, but the Core i7 will see a big 17 percent bump to multithread workloads.

The video, which The Verge was able to briefly watch before it was made private, reveals that the core counts of the Core i5-14600K and Core i9-14900K will remain the same as their 13th Gen equivalents, but the Core i7-14700K is getting a boost to its performance cores. Instead of eight performance and eight efficiency cores, the Core i7-14700K will include 12 efficiency cores, which results in a 17 percent improvement to certain multithread workloads.

MSI’s leaked slide.
Image: MSI

MSI also reveals that there are no architectural changes to Intel’s 14th Gen chips, so they’re built on the same Intel 7 (10nm) process as existing 13th Gen chips. That means these CPUs will also work in existing Z690 and Z790 motherboards from MSI, as we’ve seen from thte company’s recent BIOS updates. The 14th Gen chips will also support higher DDR5 frequencies and improvements to L3 cache, according to MSI’s video.

Intel is now rumored to be announcing its 14th Gen processors during its Innovation 2023 event next month. PC gamers will be waiting to hear exactly how Intel’s 14th Gen compares to AMD’s latest X3D processors, and whether Intel can regain the gaming CPU crown.


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