Kate Middleton news: Princess of Wales has become ‘a little bit boring’

Fashion expert Miranda Holder is an acclaimed stylist who has worked with a variety of celebrities in her career. She enjoys speaking about royal fashion on her TikTok page @themirandaholder, and recently Miranda has spoken about Kate Middleton’s fashion changes and said some fans have become disappointed with the royal’s style since she became Princess of Wales

In one video, Miranda explained royal fans are divided over Kate’s latest fashion choices. The fashion expert said: “Our beautiful princess has come under a little bit of criticism from fashionistas this year who are saying her wardrobe is getting a little bit repetitive and just a little bit boring.”

Miranda continued her report and said there have been positives to Kate Middleton’s new fashion choices. She said: “Kate has really strengthened her own personal brand, just like the Queen did, by sticking to a particular silhouette that flatters her figure and always looks elegant.”

However, the fashion expert also said some royal fans believed Kate Middleton’s wardrobe has become “a little bit serious” and “possibly unexciting” since she became Princess of Wales.

Miranda said: “Fans would argue that this is because Kate’s wardrobe reflects that she means business and often at her appointments she wants to dress professionally and look the part, to be taken seriously.”

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Stylist Miranda claimed Kate Middleton has made drastic changes to her look because trying to appear more professional in her new royal role. She said: “Others are arguing that this is all in line with the palace announcing last year that they were no longer going to reveal exactly what the princess was wearing in an effort to de-emphasise her fashion and put full focus on the causes she is working for.”

In another video, Miranda looked at style icons that the Princess of Wales “could learn a thing or two from”, if she wants to spice up her look. Miranda said: “Kate is absolutely a fashion icon in her own right, but if she wanted to jazz things up a little bit, she could learn a trick or two from these fabulous women.”

One style icon is Amal Clooney, married to George Clooney, who has a similar body shape to Kate Middleton and is “oh so elegant” according to Miranda. She said: [Amal] knows how to turn it on for the evening, and puts the beautiful into business attire.”

Another is Queen Letizia of Spain who “always dresses beautifully and knows the power of little touches to keep us on our toes.” Another royal Kate Middleton could be inspired by is Queen Rania of Jordon, who is “always sultry and sophisticated.”

One unexpected fashion icon that the fashion expert named is former first lady Melania Trump. Miranda said: “Yes I said it, sometimes she’s a little too sexy for Kate’s style, but she knows how to put together a cracking outfit.”

Royal fans took to Miranda’s comment section. One person said: “I think she looks fantastic. Honestly, she gets criticised if she wears new things she gets criticized if she repeats things, she just can’t win.”

One user said they believe Kate Middleton’s fashion was “perfect always” and another person said: “She’s taking the focus off her clothing. I admire her and think she looks great.”

Somebody else said: “It’s not boring its called elegant and classy! She’s doing her duty not a mannequin” while another user said: “Only Americans are criticising her clothing, we Brits buy her fashion and we like it.”

However, one royal fan said they agreed with the criticism. They wrote: “Her wardrobe has been boring since Day One, and the only time she stands out is when she’s dressing like The Duchess Of Sussex and sometimes that’s a fail too.”

Another person wrote: “I always thought [Kate] dressed older and more boring rather than her age. Queen Latizia for example has a young ‘touch’ to her style.”

One other person said Kate Middleton’s fashion did not matter as she was not a celebrity, and wrote: “Yes, she may be a little bit repetitive but she is not a Hollywood celebrity. She is a future queen. A big difference. She looks elegant and beautiful.”

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