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A man was shocked to discover some of his Premium Bonds had ‘suddenly disappeared’ from his online account.

Twitter user @lahori_badshah1 sent a message to NS&I as they had bought Bonds for their daughter 18 years ago but they seemed to have disappeared.

They said: “All of a sudden all the records of the bonds have disappeared from online account. No letters or any notifications were sent to me.”

NS&I said in response: “The Bonds would have been removed from your online profile when she turned 16.”

The provider also said the daughter could find out how to set up her own account using this webpage.

The man then replied to say his daughter had been asked by NS&I to complete fill in some forms and provide a statement from a friend for ID purposes.

He said: “This is so confusing process, I should have been sent a letter or email for smooth transition.”

NS&I then asked the man to send the group a direct message so they could help him further.

Another dad also contacted NS&I over Twitter with a query about Premium Bonds he had purchased for his son.

Twitter user @chubberoo said he had set up some Premium Bonds in his name for his son before he was born, and he wanted to transfer them into his son’s name.

He explained: “Obviously he’ll have to have all my details as he’s only one but just want to make sure it’s in his name.”

The provider told the man he would be able to find out if the Bonds are in his name or in the child’s name by logging into his account.

The man reiterated that the Bonds are not in his son’s name as he was not yet born when the dad purchased them.

NS&I said in response: “In that case, you would not be able transfer the Bonds to your child directly. You would need to cash in the Bonds and re-apply in your child’s name.”

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