Matilda child star gushes over costar Jessie Buckley after expletive-filled role | Films | Entertainment

As her costars crowded the premiere carpet around her, Alisha admitted it hasn’t become any easier to accept the surreal glitz and glam of her new star-studded life. 

She shared: “I can’t actually believe that I’ve worked with such incredible actors, it all seems like a dream to me.

“Seeing fans…that’s absolutely crazy. When people spot me, I get shocked! Like’ ‘Are they talking about me?’ I get super confused. I don’t know if that will ever sink in.

“Being on set after Matilda, I’m definitely more comfortable but it will always be so surreal and incredible and I’ll always be so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve gotten.”


Speaking about her Wicked Little Letters costars Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley, she Alisha gushed: “I’m always in awe of them and their kindness and their talent.

“I go home like; ‘Did that actually happen? Did I actually do that? Did I actually meet them? There’s no way.’ It’s incredible.”

As for what’s next, the budding actress is setting her hopes high: “I definitely have some amazing actors that I look up to and I’d like to be like, in particular Millie Bobby Brown and Saoirse Ronan.

“I look up to them so so much and I’d love to work with them one day.”

Wicked Little Letters releases in cinemas today, February 23.

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