Michelle Yeoh claims her James Bond movie put her out of work | Films | Entertainment

Following 1995’s GoldenEye, Pierce Brosnan starred in his second James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies two years later. This time around 007 would team up with Chinese agent Wai Lin, played by Michelle Yeoh who is Oscar-nominated for her performance this year in Everything Everywhere All At Once. The 60-year-old Malaysian actress has gone on to star in some big Western movies, although right after Bond it was really difficult for her.

Yeoh continued: “At that point, people in the industry couldn’t really tell the difference between whether I was Chinese or Japanese or Korean or if I even spoke English. They would talk very loudly and very slow. I didn’t work for almost two years, until Crouching Tiger, [Hidden Dragon] simply because I could not agree with the stereotypical roles that were put forward to me.”

Her role in the latter would earn her first Best Actress BAFTA nomination, which was followed this year for Everything Everywhere All At Once.

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