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Former Miss England contestant, Milly Everatt has ditched the catwalk to become a qualified lorry driver and is encouraging other young women to follow in her footsteps and do the same. New research conducted by Generation Logistics reveals 90 percent of UK residents have never considered this career option but they might be surprised to learn that HGV drivers can earn more than £50,000 a year after fully completing their training.

Milly isn’t your typical lorry driver – after competing in professional beauty pageants since 2017, she won Miss Lincolnshire in 2018 and was the first runner-up for Miss England in 2022.

However, earlier this year, Milly’s career took a different route as she swapped the catwalk for the road less travelled and at the age of just 23 took her HGV Driver’s Licence.

She joins just two percent of women who are helping to shatter the stereotype that HGV driving is for men and is now encouraging others to do the same.

Milly told “It’s been so much fun getting behind the wheel of a big truck as part of my new day job. I’ve loved having the freedom that comes with driving, as it takes me all around the country, and the wages are great too.”

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Milly comes from a family of females who are used to working on a farm so it seemed natural for her to also put in for her HGV licence.

She added: “As both of my sister and my mum also have their HGV licence, to me, switching from beauty pageants to logistics doesn’t feel as unusual as it may to some!

“I’ve really enjoyed taking on a more active role in my family’s farm, and I haven’t once felt out of place or intimated, which was one of my main concerns before taking this job on. Instead, everybody has been really welcoming and supportive.

“For any women who are thinking of getting into logistics, my best advice is just to do it. With so many roles and training opportunities available, now is a really exciting industry to get involved with the industry.”

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Bethany Windsor at Generation Logistics said more people, including women, should follow in Milly’s footsteps and consider a role in logistics.

She said: “It’s so exciting to see young women like Milly stepping into the industry at what is a really exciting time.

“With so many roles and departments to choose from, ranging from lorry driving like Milly, to robotic engineering, data scientists, HR and many more, we’re really encouraging everyone to seriously consider the career path that the logistics sector can offer.”

People can take this quiz to see which role in logistics they could be suitable for.

Meanwhile, a study has revealed the UK towns where residents received the biggest pay increase in 2022 and they’re not all in the south.

Living in a town or city where wages stretch further could vastly improve quality of life and latest figures show residents of Melton in Leicestershire were given the biggest pay increase in 2022.

The Essex area of Maldon came in second place, while the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire took third place.

Such an impressive wage growth outside cities like London and Manchester could be down to more people working remotely or adopting a hybrid working week.

As rising prices continue to negatively impact peoples’ finances, online marketplace Etsy has shared the top sectors where people are earning the most.

The sector with sellers earning the highest amount of revenue on Etsy in 2022 was custom jewellery, according to latest research.

Stores selling custom jewellery turned over revenue of around £1,856,118.30 during the last year.

Other top performing sectors were Home and Living, Handmade Wedding and Party and Art and Collectibles – Etsy’s data shows those sellers using recyclable and handmade materials were the most successful.

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