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The simple challenge involves saving an amount each day, which starts at 1p and increases by 1p each day. This means a person has to save 1p on January 1, then 2p on January 2 and so on, saving £3.65 on the last day of the year.

Completing the feat means Ms Richards saved £667.95, which was enough to buy presents for her whole family.

The 33-year-old mum-of-one, from Huddersfield, said: “There’s an app and it automatically moves money into your account for you.

“By the end of the year you’ve got £667.95 and you don’t notice it coming out every day. I’ve done it since 2019 and used it every year for Christmas shopping.

“They also do it in reverse and start with £3.65 and go down. It links up to the bank and you get a notification each day, you don’t have to think about it and it’s great. I already have all my presents wrapped and everything, it’s all done.”

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The thrifty mum uses the app IFTTT, which automatically increases the amount she saves each day in line with the challenge, helping her control her spending.

Ms Richards also took on a savings tip from financial journalist Martin Lewis, and took part in a “Secret Santa” with her relatives rather than each person buying a gift.

The festive hack helped her greatly reduce her costs. She previously spent £20 per person, buying gifts for seven people.

The Santa game involves a £50 limit for each person, and with just this one outgoing on presents, she cut her costs by almost a third. Not only that, but she also saved time as she only had to buy a present for one person.


Ms Richards also uses a website called to put together Christmas lists for her son.

The site allows the user to enter their Christmas list along with links to items, which can be sent around to friends and relatives.

It also has the advantage that once a gift has been reserved by someone, everyone else can see this, so there is no risk of duplicates.

The mum said: “I was buying for seven people at £20 each and instead this year we’ve done Secret Santa with a £50 limit so you’re only spending £50 rather than £140.

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“It’s more fun as you have to think about one person and what they would really like – with one person you can think a bit more.

“I use a website called – you put your Christmas list in and send it to everyone and they can reserve an item which ticks it off so there are no duplicates.

“You find the item on Amazon, stick the link in and any extra info like colour or size and people can just tick it off, buy it, and it’s sorted.

“You can do a good range of prices – some presents were £4 and some were £40 – and I had loads on the lower end so people could pick and choose what they could afford and reserve it.”

For those interested in a more difficult savings challenge, there is also the £5 savings challenge.

This involves starting with saving £5 in the first week of the year, with the amount increasing by £5 each week.

This is a more difficult feat to keep up, as by week 26 a saver will have to move across £130 into their dedicated savings account.

But the challenge also offers huge savings that could go towards a person’s future needs, as by the half way point they will have saved £1,755 in total.

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