Mum-of-one shares tips to save £600 this month with money-saving challenge | Personal Finance | Finance

“I also have a ‘want list’, so when I want something I write it down instead of buying it, and nine times out of 10, the next day I would’ve forgotten about it.

“Subscriptions as well are so important to double check. They come out on your bank statement just under ‘Apple’, but when I looked I for some reason had a Duolingo subscription amongst other things I didn’t even realise.

“If I can, I also pause subscriptions that I can live without for a month. There’s, of course, other important things, like meal planning is essential, and it’s also good to make some money from decluttering your wardrobe or doing online surveys.

“It’s lots of things people might not have thought to do before but can make such a difference.”

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