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Before I found myself in £16,000 worth of debt I used to go all out at Christmas and really enjoyed spoiling the people I loved. These days, I stongly believe it’s not worth getting into debt for one day a year and I’ve discovered how to make significant savings by buying one really cheap Christmas present that always makes people smile.

The average spend on Christmas presents was a staggering £548 per British adult in 2021 but many people will be hoping to spend less this year because of the cost of living.

I don’t think people should get into debt for one day a year – Christmas can be just as enjoyable when you spend a lot less.

Another idea is to give people an I Owe You certifcate which can be printed from the internet for nothing – if you already have the printer and ink that is.

It could be something like a promise of breakfast in bed, help with chores around the house or that DIY job that has needed doing for months.

Saving money has never been as high on most people’s agenda as in 2022 – I’ve also been testing the most popular money saving tips to see which ones will save people money on their energy bills this winter.

In July, I wrote about how people could make significant savings by swapping their oven for a slow cooker so I decided to give it a go myself.

This is probably my favourite swap which has saved me up to £25 a month and I’ll carry on using my slow cooker for years to come.

Another game changer when it comes to saving money on energy bills but still staying warm, is to invest in an electric throw.

Heated throws cost just five pence an hour to run in comparison to central heating which is more like 90 pence per hour.

This could make a great Christmas present that’s also practical, especially if one is worried about an elderly relative who is struggling to pay their energy bills.

Small changes like this can really add up and in my experience, a heated throw can keep you much warmer than the central heating ever could.

Express Money readers can use a really useful online tool which helps people work out how much each of their household appliances is costing them so they can decide which swaps they are prepared to make.

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