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It’s been 18 years since the last set of James Bond auditions took place.

During the secretive selection, screen tests of around eight actors including Daniel Craig and Henry Cavill took place.

Casino Royale director Martin Campbell, who also helmed Pierce Brosnan’s 007 debut GoldenEye, has shared that it’s a very democratic process with producers and the casting director.

The 79-year-old, who would love to reboot Bond for a third time with the next movie, is certainly an authority on the subject.

Speaking exclusively with we asked the filmmaker if there was any truth to the rumours surrounding stars like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who is the bookies’ favourite to take up the Licence to Kill next.

Last year, it was reported that Taylor-Johnson, star of Kick-Ass, Bullet Train and the upcoming Kraven the Hunter, had impressed Bond producers in secret auditions. Asking Campbell what he thought of this rumour and others like it, the 007 veteran director bluntly replied: “Let me tell you, it’s bulls*** mostly. 98 per cent of it is bulls***. It’s rubbish, honestly, it is.”

Nevertheless, he admitted that “maybe” the 33-year-old could be in with a chance of being considered but that Bond 26 will be a “real test” for EON Productions. The filmmaker shared: “I’m sure what they’ve done is thrown some names about…they don’t rush it. There’s no, ‘Oh god we’ve got to make the next one!’ They take their time as they want to get it right. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson as producers are terrific.

“The new one is a real test of course because now we’ve lost Daniel who is probably the most influential in a funny way. I mean, obviously, Connery was, but certainly the most from a contemporary standpoint, Daniel made the biggest impression because so much changed for him. So I think they’ll be taking their time to assess who’s the next Bond and when they’d do the next one. Normally three years I think.”

It’s been almost two years so perhaps the new 007 will be announced in 2024. Campbell is taking part in the London Action Festival this weekend, including a special Mask of Zorro screening Q&A tonight.

THE LONDON ACTION FESTIVAL runs from Wednesday 21st – Sunday 25th June. Tickets are on sale now via the website HERE

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