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Taron Egerton is one of the many names in the running to become the next James Bond star after Daniel Craig stepped down in 2021. No Time To Die was the fifth and final outing for the British star as 007, and ever since, fans have been betting on who will take his place. Thus far, the Bond odds have been the only way of figuring out who’s in the running. But Taron Egerton has just given fans the biggest piece of casting news to come out yet.

Egerton was recently interviewed by Total Film about his new movie Tetris, where he was quizzed about his chances of becoming 007. After taking on the role of Eggsy in the Kingsman series, he seemed like a perfect fit for the James Bond role. As a result, his odds from Ladbrokes were slashed to 66/1.

This places him well behind the favourites, including Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy, but he had some even more exciting news for fans.

When Egerton was asked about joining the series, he replied: “Yeah. I mean, I think they’ve already got someone, and it’s not me.”

This is the first time any information has been released about the Bond casting. If Egerton’s information is correct, then fans have just learned an actor has actually been cast as 007 behind the scenes. But who is it?

There are some major names in the running, such as the aforementioned Cavill, who has a staggering 5/2 from Ladbrokes. However, there is some doubt about his opportunity, considering he already missed out on the role back in 2005.

Cavill went up against Craig in a battle for the tuxedo during the casting of Casino Royale. But he missed out for being “too chubby”.

The Superman actor is joined by Hardy, who has a filthy 9/1. However, he has previously vowed never to speak publicly about his chances, so fans have been left in the dark about his intentions.

The one actor who may have the best shot is also at the top of the Bond odds: Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The British star recently had his odds drastically slashed to 13/8 after rumours claimed he had done some screen tests with the Bond bosses behind the scenes.

A source told The Sun: “Aaron went for a screen test to be the next Bond in September and producers and Barbara loved him. He is now one of the front-runners.”

If his screen test news is true, and Egerton’s news is also true, could the former Marvel character be the new 007?

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