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The world of Hollywood casting is murkier and more dramatic than the plot of any 007 blockbuster. Cavill has been through a shockingly difficult period recently, leaving one major role, being confirmed and then dropped for another and then announcing yet another entirely out of the blue. As his diary looked increasingly free, his odds of taking over as the next Bond only strengthened. However, his currently 2-1 odds have now been matched a young pretender who has a clear advantage in the one criterion the Bond producers have said is critical for Daniel Craig’s replacement.

Fans were already devastated when Cavill walked away from his pet project TV show The Witcher in October. Although the Netflix series has been a smash hit, there were rumours that the square-jawed star was unhappy with the direction it was taking.

Plus he had just announced that he was, finally, officially returning as Superman in the troubled DC big screen universe, starting a fan frenzy with his cameo in The Rock’s Black Adam movie. And then, just weeks later, he was forced to announce the new Warner Bros DC head James Gunn had decided not to continue with his tenure as the Man of Steel. 

Of course, all this just clears his path to a certain Aston Martin. He was almost in the driving seat back in 2006’s Casino Royale, down to the final two in the casting process alongside Daniel Craig.

Earlier this year, Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson gave some very clear clues about what they are looking for in their next Bond.

It was reported that EON was only looking for male actors who were under 40 years of age and over 5’10 in height.

Taylor-Johnson just squeaks over the height requirement while Cavill is a trapping 6 feet tall.

However, the former Superman is also about to turn 40 next year in May. The first time around he was too young and, he also confessed, not in shape enough. These days, he is unarguably in spectacular shape but is he about to lose out again over his age?

Taylor-Johnson, by contrast, will turn 33 next June and is perfectly poised to take up the role. Not only do the producers want an actor who can potentially play the role for at least a decade, they are also said to be looking to reboot the franchise after Craig’s incarnation died by starting with Bond at a younger, more callow stage of his life.

Taylor-Johnson famously broke through in the lead role of 2009’s John Lennon biopic, Nowhere Boy, when he was 18. He subsequently started a relationship with his 42-year-old director Sam Taylor-Wood and the couple married in 2012.

The actor is also set to debut in 2023 in the lead role in the upcoming Sony Spider-verse blockbuster Kraven The Hunter.

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