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James Bond fans sadly witnessed the final Daniel Craig 007 adventure back in 2021 with the release of No Time To Die. Since then, the hunt has been on for his replacement. And while the Bond bosses have revealed they’ll the next Bond in the coming years, the Bond odds have been a great indicator of who is most likely to take over. And the most popular star this year has been a household name.

Currently, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is at the top of the Bond odds after rumours hit that he had a “successful” meeting with Bond bosses Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson at the beginning of the year. As a result, Ladbrokes have given him a staggering 2/1 on becoming the next tuxedo-clad hero.

However, his main competition is a heavy hitter where James Bond fans are concerned.

Taylor-Johnson is currently neck-and-neck with Henry Cavill, who is best known for playing Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher and the titular hero in the Superman series.

At the moment, he also has powerful 2/1 odds on becoming the new-and-improved Bond, James Bond. But he has an incredible advantage over everyone else.

Ladbrokes confirmed Cavill is the “most popular” James Bond pick of the year, meaning the punters firmly believe he’ll be the next actor to take his martinis shaken, not stirred.

This is even better for Cavill, as he previously auditioned to play Bond back in 2005. He even went up against Craig in the audition process for the 2006 movie Casino Royale. Unfortunately, as fans now know, he lost out to the British star, who went on to play 007 in five movies, ending with the aforementioned No Time To Die.

Cavill later confirmed he missed out on the role because he was deemed “too chubby”. He admitted he didn’t know “how to train or diet” properly. Despite this failure, he is now one of the favourites for the future of the series – will he be able to claim it?

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Cavill does still have a lot of competition, however. Just behind him in the Bond race is James Norton, who is making waves on BBC screens in Happy Valley.

His presence on the small screen has improved his odds drastically, bumping him up to 4/1 odds on becoming the next James Bond.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Punters can’t get enough of James Norton right now and we’ve once again trimmed his odds as a result, but it’s still Henry Cavill who is proving the most popular pick of the year to play 007 next.”

Of course, Tom Hardy is still in the running with a respectable 7/1. He has long been a fan favourite, but he has confirmed he would not speak publicly about the role, through fears of losing it.

However, as his odds continue to dwindle, his chances seem less secure. Especially when he’s up against the likes of Regé-Jean Page, who has a fantastic 6/1 on becoming the hero.

Marvel hero Chiwetel Ejiofor is also high up in the running, with powerful 12/1 odds on becoming the next James Bond.

James Bond No Time To Die is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now. 


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