Over the moon! Buzz Aldrin announces marriage to ‘long-time love’ on 93rd birthday | US News

Buzz Aldrin has announced he has married his “long-time love” on his 93rd birthday, saying they are “excited as eloping teenagers”.

The retired astronaut – the second man to ever step foot on the moon -said he had “tied the knot” with Dr Anca Faur, who is reportedly 63, in a small ceremony in Los Angeles.

He wrote on Twitter: “On my 93rd birthday and the day I will also be honoured by Living Legends of Aviation, I am pleased to announce that my long-time love Dr Anca Faur and I have tied the knot.

“We were joined in holy matrimony in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles and are as excited as eloping teenagers.”

Aldrin shared two photos from the wedding showing Dr Faur in a sparkly gown and himself dressed in a smart suit, decorated with a medal and his Air Force badge.

He is best known for being part of the Apollo 11 lunar mission in 1969, which saw him blasted to the moon’s surface alongside Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.

Of the three world renowned astronauts, Aldrin is the only one who is still alive today.

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US astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin during the lunar landing mission in 1969
Buzz Aldrin during the lunar landing mission in 1969

Aldrin retired from NASA in July 1971 and the served as commandant of the Aerospace Research Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base in California until his retirement from the Air Force in 1972.

After that, he went on to write nine books and created a think tank called Human SpaceFlight Institute, which is set to fully launch later this year.

Dr Faur works as the executive vice president of Buzz Aldrin Ventures LLC, according to LinkedIn, and has a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Aldrin has been married three times before, but each of them ended in divorce.

He shares three children – James, Janice and Andrew – with his first wife, Joan Ann Archer.

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