Queen Camilla turns heads in bright blue dress and rarely seen choker

The Royal Family shared a recent video of Queen Camilla and Joseph Coelho discussing their love for literature. Camilla spoke about one of her favourite novels as a child, Black Beauty, and stressed the importance of reading.

“The more books you read, the more you are going to understand about different places, different cultures, different ways of life,” Camilla told Joseph.

In the caption accompanying the video, the Royal Family said: “For #WorldBookDay, The Queen Consort sat down with @UKLaureate to discuss a shared love of books, the importance and joy of reading in childhood.”

For the occasion, Camilla donned a royal blue dress with three-quarter sleeves and a long skirt.

The dress’ bodice featured a subtle zip, which Camilla had opened a little, revealing two necklaces.

One necklace was a fine gold chain featuring a small pendant, while the other was a choker.

The choker stood out as it has rarely been seen before. It was circular and seemed to be made of a heavy, gold metal. Maxwell Stone, creative director at jewellers Steven Stone, analysed the jewel and told Express.co.uk exclusively that it seemed to be made of Welsh gold.

He said: “Camilla appears to be wearing an 18k yellow gold necklace. It’s likely that it is made from Welsh gold, which gives it a sentimental touch as Welsh gold is famously used in the wedding rings of the British Royal Family – a tradition that began in 1923.

“Originating as gold mined in Wales, Welsh gold is perhaps the rarest gold in the world. With this in mind, I’d estimate Camilla’s necklace to be worth £16,750.”

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Camilla’s sartorial choice for today’s video clip was interesting as the Queen Consort often wears blue – it seems to be one of her favourite colours.

Fashion expert and celebrity stylist Samantha Harman previously told Express.co.uk: “Camilla loves wearing blue – it brings out the colour of her eyes. Blue is a calming colour, and in colour psychology, it signals you’re ‘in safe hands’.”

Samantha added that Camilla rewears many of her clothes, like the blue dress seen in the video today. “We can probably imagine that she has an extensive wardrobe, so probably doesn’t need to buy more and has plenty of options available,” she said.

“Whilst we’ve seen her experiment more in recent years, she still has a very ‘classic British heritage’ style.

“At a time of a cost of living crisis, the royals will be mindful of public feeling if they’re seen to be buying lots of new clothes. From a sustainability perspective, we should all be wearing our clothes much more. Keeping and wearing an item for nine months longer would reduce its carbon footprint by 20 to 30 percent.”

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